Sex, humor, and a hefty dose of rock 'n roll are the ingredients of this visually dynamic operetta. Brooklyn band Level II serves up a feast of songs chronicling the romantic misadventures of two lonely kids in the big city.

Love is Like Mud has been in the works for nearly 10 years. In 2006 the band Level II was formed when Ben Folstein arrived in New York. What started out as a bar band quickly became an outlet for Folstein’s original music which would later turn into the basis for the musical. In 2008, Love is Like Mud was produced at the Sidewalk Cafe as a small puppet show. Over the next few years, the show went through various iterations, casts, and concepts. The musical was presented at the Tank (45th Street Theater), and then after further development it was presented as a reading at the West End Lounge. The latest and most ambitious iteration was presented in 2015 at The New York International Fringe Festival, with a cast of real actors (as opposed to puppets) and a dynamic projection design by Alex Koch. 

Born in Baltimore, Maryland on April 6, 1979, Ben Folstein Is a musician, producer, actor, and carpenter living and working in New York City. After making many films throughout his youth, he attended film school at College of Santa Fe, after which he moved to San Francisco, California in 2001. There he made about 80 short films, while studying and working with filmmaker Craig Baldwin. Upon moving to New York City in 2006, he turned towards music and performance, playing with his band, Level II, and began development on his first musical, "Love is like Mud". Since then, he has written two other musicals, and produced a serial science fiction radio drama entitled "Neon Sun". His jazz band, "The Cabinetmakers", plays every Friday night at Piano's in the Lower East Side. He can also be spotted at